Why Do Some Women Fake Orgasm? Find The 8 Honest Reasons

What Is A Fake Orgasm? A fake orgasm happens when someone pretends to have an orgasm without experiencing a real one. More precisely, it means simulating or acting out several behaviors, for example, vocal sounds, body movements, and several sequences of intensification then followed by an apparent release, which is typically associated with the orgasm. It may also include giving some verbal indications that an orgasm occurred. In general, it’s a well-known fact that women tend to fake orgasms more frequently compared to men.

Why Do Some Women Fake Orgasm? Women often fake orgasms & have been doing so for quite a while now. Here are 8 honest reasons on why women fake orgasms.

1. A woman wants to please her partner: A guy often demands to watch the real pleasure of her lady while giving an intense orgasm. A woman always looks for every possible way to please her man, and thus fakes an orgasm while putting a smile on his face.

2. Pain isn’t always good: Sex usually involves some kind of pain. It’s quite natural that a woman experiences slight pain or discomfort during intercourse, then she simply fakes it without spoiling her man’s enthusiasm.

3. She may not be in the right mood: Sometimes women really aren’t in the right mood to enjoy sex. In this case, without bruising her mate’s ego, she simply prefers to act out a fake orgasm to please her partner.

4 .She’s just trying to avoid a fight: Sometimes, in order to avoid a fight or an argument, females often swallow their personal disappointment and pretend to enjoy during an intercourse.

5. His style is lacking: Communication during sex is extremely important. Sometimes his techniques, styles, and approaches aren’t that great which can naturally please his partner. And then, she opts for a fake orgasm.

6. Women and men are completely different: When a particular level of trust has been already established between a couple, a woman easily feels more relaxed in the arms of her soulmate or partner and that results in an enjoyable & satisfying sex. If not, a woman may try to fake orgasm without actually enjoying it.

7. It Is Taking Too Long: Most of the women can’t simply climax within a few minutes. When it takes too long to climax, it can eventually make her partner become tired. Some self-conscious women then do fake orgasm so that her partner feels like he has really done a pretty good job.

8.Finally, a very honest reason : Not every woman can really achieve orgasm through an intercourse. Some can merely reach it through the clitoral stimulation. Next, she simply fakes an orgasm to fulfill her man’s sexual expectation.

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